Kim Tobin Acting Studio Houston, TX

Professional Training for the Serious Performer

Theory and Practice

It is my goal to introduce you to as many approaches to the acting craft as I can. I can help you find the tools necessary to know the difference between pretending to feel what the "character" feels, and actually inhabiting that life with your own. It is my goal to guide you to understanding what it means to have a real experience under imaginary circumstances - that is acting at its highest level. Below is a little about my approach and history.

I have almost 20 years experience training under, or teaching for the most respected instructors in New York and Los Angeles. I also have almost 25 years of acting credits covering stage, film and television. My objective is to strengthen the essential skills of great acting. These abilities include; living fully in the present, being led by instinct rather than our head, being responsive to our partner(s) in each moment, really doing rather than pretending to do what we are doing, being the expression of who we truly are rather than what we think others want us to be, and bringing our own personal meaning to everything we do. These objectives I learned from Sandy Meisner one of the greatest teachers of our time. I also believe that every answer you will ever need about how to act in any scene or story is in the script itself. I will teach you how to analyze a script into clear beats of action driven by clear character intention that makes strong choices about how to navigate the obstacles a character faces in his/her drive towards their super objective. I will teach you how to take direction and turn it into action, I will teach you how to make strong choices that drive the story - there is no gray area in stage/film, your choices have to be all or nothing - life or death. "To act" means "to do" - which means what you do evokes how you feel - not the other way around. Once you can put into motion these things, you will be left to react to what is happening in the story, which is what it means "to live truthfully in imaginary circumstances." I can teach you how to make this happen.

Finally, I am interested in what empowers and elevates artists. I want people to feel like artists, like they have a skill and talent that is desirable by the community.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions or would like to discuss the class. Space is limited so please respond quickly.


Philip Lehl's Teaching Philosophy:

I see a great conundrum in acting training: on one hand we want to teach an actor to be as expressive and interesting as possible, on the other hand we want to teach an actor to be as true-to-life as possible. 

The two ideals often seem to be at odds, but I believe that doesn’t necessarily have to be so.

I believe that every great actor has a solid technical base, AND has a solid emotional base.  Good performances can be built on either side, but great performances have to stand on both.

The teaching that I experienced at the Juilliard school gave me a great understanding, and eventually mastery, of the technical side; it’s what I relied upon for most of the work I did in the first two decades of my career.  The teachings of Sanford Meisner, which I have come to understand by studying with my wife, and teaching partner, Kim Tobin, have begun to help me build the emotional base (that I speak of above) in my own work.
It is my goal as a teacher to make sure that my students understand that technical mastery is dependent on emotional truth, and vice versa.