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The Craft of Acting

Beginner/Intermediate Meisner Class - Kim Tobin

This class is open to all levels of actor. Students will be introduced to an approach based on the teachings of Sanford Meisner, Stella Adler, Gene Frankel and the Barrow Group. This approach is geared towards helping the actor overcome what Meisner identified as the actor’s two major problems: “actors don’t know how to listen and they are self conscious.” We are introduced to and work on Meisner’s Repetition exercise. The class consists of participating in exercises developed by the teachers named above, and learning basic approaches to script analysis, imagination work, and improvisation.

The class will be open to all levels of students and will focus on Meisner's repetition and Stella Adler's script analysis for monologue and scene study.  On the first class, we will do introduction to Meisner repetition technique and independent activity exercises as time allows.  We will continue repetition at the second class and further explore the independent activity exercises.  For the last two classes, we will do scene work.  This class works much the same way the master class works except that we spend more time talking about what Meisner's approach is and how to work the repetition exercise.  We then move to practicing what Meisner's approach to listening and responding means in scene work.  We also talk a lot about Stella Adler and her attention to how the actor makes choices in their work, "your choice is your talent".

Beginning Acting – Philip Lehl

This class focuses on two areas:

  • 1) allowing the actor to explore and strengthen the use of the self – body, voice, and imagination – in theatrical environments. 
  • 2) training the actor to put his attention on the acting partner (not on the self.)

This class uses exercises and improvisations culled from the best acting teachers of the last several centuries, including Stanislavski, Meisner, Adler, Spolin, and others.


Advanced Meisner Class - Kim Tobin

The Advanced Meisner Class is by invitation only. 

This class continues and deepens the work begun in the Beginner/Intermediate Class through more rigorous and specific study of the teaching of Meisner and Adler.  This class moves into deeper Meisner work including Independent activity exercise.  The goal of this class is to train students to be as emotionally invested as they can be, so that the odds of having a truthful experience under an imaginary circumstance are at a peak.

Prerequisite: at least two sessions of intermediate level classes with Kim Tobin

Admittance into the Advanced Meisner Class is based on a combination of factors, and determination of an individual’s readiness to enter this class is made solely by Kim Tobin. The amount of training and experience a student has prior to joining the studio, and whether that training is at the professional level or amateur level, may affect the amount of time a student must spend at the beginner/intermediate level. Regardless of a student’s prior training they must exhibit an understanding of Kim’s particular “language” and approach to the class exercises before moving up. Each student is evaluated independently, and it should be noted that everybody progresses at his own rate.  

Space is limited in the Advanced Meisner Class, and advancement is only possible when a spot becomes available.


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